Farewell, OCNJ

The semester has come to an end and, sadly, so have my weekly posts to Eat Play OCNJ.

While I’m excited to have more time at the beach during my summer break, I’m not going to be able to post as often.  I’m really looking forward to escaping technology and heading to the beach where I can truly unwind and relax.  I hope to still continue this blog, maybe with monthly roundups of my favorite experiences!

I’ve really learned so much about Ocean City through writing this blog that I would’ve never known otherwise.  I explored so many streets and areas of town I’ve never visited and found more exciting places I can’t wait to share with my family and friends.  Writing about OCNJ and sharing photos of its beauty really made me cherish and appreciate the town so much more.

I met some really great people and business owners throughout my visits gathering content for my blog posts.  It’s great to make connections with as many people as you can when working on a publication like this.

While I enjoyed creating all of my posts, here are my top 5 favorites!

  1.  Coffee Spots in Downtown Ocean City
  2. OCNJ Boardwalk Classics: Photo Gallery
  3. Ocean City Scavenger Hunt
  4. Inhale and Exhale the OCNJ Air While Listening to PLAAY Owner & Instructor, Liz Beasley, Talk About Opening Her Business

  5. The Summer Season is Upon Us in OCNJ!


Hopefully, this is not a goodbye, but a see you soon!  I really hope you get the chance to visit my favorite place in the world, Ocean City, New Jersey, this summer, and experience the greatness for yourself.  Thanks for sticking with me through this journey.

All the best,




Farewell! (Photo/Nicole Baglivo)




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