The Summer Season is Upon Us in OCNJ!

Winter has come and gone and it’s time to prepare for summer, or “in-season” in Ocean City, New Jersey.  As the days have gotten warmer businesses that closed for the winter are beginning to reopen and prepare for the summer crowds.

Be ahead of the game by preparing for your summer vacations and day trips now!  Here are 3 important tips for preparing before the summer months bring the crowds to ONCJ.

  1. Find a place to stay.
    Securing your hotel, condo or home rental for your stay may just be the most important part of your trip.  As America’s #1 Beach town, summers have grown more filled with vacationers looking for rentals.  Good thing vacationers, there are many ways to find a rental for your stay.  Check out these sources to find your group the perfect home for your vacation stay in OCNJ.Berger, Monihan, Grace, Fox and Berkshire Hathaway all have offices throughout the island to help vacationers find rentals and residents their vacation homes.  Be sure to keep your eyes open when traveling throughout the island, as many properties display signs on the porch telling you which real estate company is renting out the property!

    Want to avoid real estate offices? Check out Airbnb, which shows you locations, pictures, and pricing all in one place.  The best part is, you can instantly book through Airbnb on their website.


    OCNJ is home to hundreds of beautiful properties available for rent through the resources listed above. (Photo/Nicole Baglivo)

  2. Buy ride tickets at 1/2 price.
    Beginning this past weekend, the ride piers on the OCNJ boardwalk began selling 1/2 priced tickets.  While this sale only lasts one short week, it’s important to take a quick trip to Ocean City and get those highly prized ride tickets now while they’re half off.  Don’t wait until your vacation in the summer months where you’ll be paying full price for tickets!Both Gillian’s Wonderland Pier and Playland’s Castaway Cove ride piers opened most of their rides this past weekend.  Not only was it a gorgeous April weekend in OCNJ, but the boardwalk was filled with families laughing and screaming with joy on the classic boardwalk rides.


    Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, home to the tallest Ferris Wheel on the OCNJ boardwalk. (Photo/Nicole Baglivo)

  3. Get beach tags.
    Unlike other South Jersey beaches, Ocean City requires beach-goers to purchase beach tags to relax and enjoy the beach.  This season beginning June 3rd through September 4th, beach tags are needed for everyone ages 12 and up.Seasonal, weekly and daily beach tags are available for purchase.  Beach tags can be purchased online, or in town at City Hall, the Rt. 52 Welcome Center, the Henry Knight Building at 12th & Haven, or at the Aquatic Center on 17th & Simpson. Forgot to buy beach tags before heading to the beach?  You can purchase them on the spot from the Beach Tag Patrol who walk the beaches.

    Insider Tip: You can save $5 if you purchase beach tags before May 31st when the prices go up.


    Yes, even the windsurfers need beach tags to use the OCNJ beaches! (Photo/Nicole Baglivo)

    I hope these tips come in handy when planning your Ocean City vacation for Summer 2017!  Visit Ocean City Vacations’ website for more vacation planning info to make your summer in OCNJ a memorable one.


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