Blogger Proflie: Photographer and Blogger Andy Macpherson

I recently reached out to the owner of another blog that focuses on Ocean City, NJ.  I was able to talk briefly with Andy Macpherson, age 34, of Egg Harbor Township about his experience with blogging and learn more about his business history.  Andy is experienced with blogging and currently, runs more blogs than just his Ocean City NJ Blog!  Read on to learn more about Andy and his blogging background.

For the past three years, Andy has been blogging about photography.  His main blog, Macpherson Photography, provides examples of his work along with tips and ideas for photography sessions at the South Jersey beaches.  When explaining how he became involved with blogging, Andy tells how he was really interested in search engine optimization and Google rankings for his photography business.

Learning that blogging was a great way to improve SEO and rankings, Andy decided to intertwine his photography with writing a blog.  After beginning his photography blog, Andy created his Ocean City NJ Blog to help out his photography business.

Sharing the most difficult part of blogging, Andy describes the process of writing blog posts. While he doesn’t enjoy writing, he likes being able to utilize his photography with interesting post topics, post schedules, and SEO.


Blogger Andy Macpherson, 34 of Egg Harbor Township. (Photo/Andy Macpherson)

When thinking about the role blogging plays in the future of journalism, Andy shares that he loves blogging as an outlet of journalism.  While Andy enjoys reading political blogs, he predicts that blog content may be regulated in the future to align with the views of those in power.

In reference to the most the most interesting aspect of running his blog, Andy notes how he enjoys seeing good traffic numbers and having visitors convert to sales.

Andy also shared some advice with me as a beginner blogger looking to maintain a beat blog. Andy feels that SEO and site design should be a blogger’s priority.  He recommends using the paid version of WordPress.  Next, he thinks bloggers should always remain consistent.  Finally, Andy stresses the importance of practicing writing and improving your skills as a writer.   A blogger should discover what type of writer they are and stick to that style throughout their blog.

If you’re looking for a photographer in the South Jersey area skilled in beach photos or looking for more information about OCNJ, check out Andy’s blogs!

Featured header image was taken by me, Andy sent me the portrait of himself.