Ocean City Scavenger Hunt

Can you find the painted electrical boxes?

Among many unique features of the town, Ocean City, New Jersey has an interesting display of art on the streets.  Walking around the north end of town, you may find more than a couple murals painted on the electrical boxes.

All beach themed, Ocean City has turned electrical boxes, which would usually be overlooked, into a unique attraction.

Next time you’re in town looking for an activity for your family to participate in together, go on a scavenger hunt for the painted electrical boxes!  There are many located on the streets between 16th and 8th next to stoplights and on the boardwalk.  Time yourselves and see who can spot the most painted boxes, and take pictures along the way.

Here are a few of the painted electrical boxes I spotted while in town this past weekend. If you need help finding them, discover their exact location in the photo captions.


“Aloha”- 16th & Central (Photo/Nicole Baglivo)


“Under the Sea”- 18th & Wesley (Photo/Nicole Baglivo)


“Osprey nest”- 34th & Bay (Photo/Nicole Baglivo)


“Ahoy Captian”- 10th & Ocean (Photo/Nicole Baglivo)


“Beach scenery”- 13th & Boardwalk (Photo/Nicole Baglivo)

See what other themed electrical boxes you can find!  I hope this scavenger hunt will be fun for you and your family and encourage you to explore the hidden gems of Ocean City while you’re at it.

All photographs were taken by me.


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