A (warm) February Weekend in OCNJ

There was no better place to spend this past weekend than in Ocean City, New Jersey.  The mid-60 degree weather was very unusual for this time of year and many families took advantage of it (there were even surfers catching waves at the surf beach!).  The boardwalk was filled with families shopping, dining, and riding bikes, and Asbury Ave was bustling.  Days with such beautiful weather makes it seem like summer, but still, it’s off-season for some of the town.

So what do you do on a warm winter weekend in OCNJ? I’m here to tell you!  Next time the weather is unseasonably warm, consider taking a trip to Ocean City and enjoying these activities.

Want to get a beautiful, peaceful view of the bay?  There’s a pavilion right on the bay with a breathtaking panoramic view of the water and 9th Street bridge.  Bring your family for a picnic under the pavilion and enjoy the sights.  (tip: arrive around 5:00 pm to get there in time for a colorful sunset)


Find this hidden gem on 12th & the bay.

Looking for a bite to eat?  A popular restaurant known by tourists and locals, Yianni’s Cafe, is open year round.  Yianni’s is located at 841 Asbury Ave and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and on days with nice weather opens their outdoor dining patio.  This unique cafe offers a greek-infused menu with traditional greek dishes and Ocean City-inspired plates too.  Yianni’s cooks with owner Yianni’s very own olive oil and also sells them by the bottle! If you’re visiting Yianni’s for breakfast, consider trying these delicious eats.

Bella Nutella French Toast, Shore Favorite Sandwich, and Yianni’s Cafe

Want to get fresh air while enjoying the sights of Ocean City?  Walk or ride a bike on the boardwalk!  The boardwalk is one of the best places to ride a bike without worrying about cars and other hazards.  Some stores are open through the off-season, and the stunning views of the beach and waves are always there to be enjoyed.img_0018


North end boardwalk, Wonderland Amusement Pier, part-time resident enjoying the weather

I talked to part-time resident, Jodie Justice, about the gorgeous weather this past weekend as she was enjoying a bike ride Sunday Afternoon.

“It’s rare that we get warm weather in February so I made sure I made it here to stay the weekend and enjoy it.  I’m happy it was warm enough so I could get my bike out and take a ride to the boardwalk and back.”

As if the warmth of the weekend wasn’t enough, the sky kissed the weekend goodbye with the most breathtaking sunset.  Make sure you stay long enough next visit to catch a sunset for yourself.  In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the sunset from 50th Street beach and keep wishing for this warm weather to last!

All photos were taken by me.


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