5 Ocean City Fun Facts

It’s always good to get some background information on a vacation spot before planning a trip for your family and friends.  Even if you have been to Ocean City before, you may not know these interesting fun facts about the best beach town in America.

  1. Ocean City, New Jersey was originally named Peck’s Beach.  The island that is now Ocean City began in the 1700s when founder John Peck utilized the area for fresh whale storage.  The island later served many functions until the mid-1800s when the island gained its first full-time resident.
    img_6871Historical photos found inside Ocean City Starbucks
  2. Ocean City’s beach measures about 8 miles long, with the boardwalk being 2.5 miles long.  Ocean City’s beaches have designated areas for surfing and guarded swimming, and require beach tags for access.  The Ocean City boardwalk hosts a variety of restaurants, shops, and attractions for all ages.
    img_1714Ocean City’s boardwalk and Castaway Cove amusement pier
  3. The population in Ocean City changes as the seasons do.  Ocean City’s most recent population numbers show about 11,374 year-round residents, but the population skyrockets in the summers.  Not only does Ocean City draw in tourists during the summer months, but many part-time residents come back to town.
    img_7717Southern end of the island photographed in the off-season
  4. Ocean City is a dry town.  Different than the other Jersey shore beach towns, there are no liquor stores, bars or BYOB restaurants in town.  This is a continued tradition from the town’s early years, where Ocean City was a Christian resort.
    img_0796A lifeguard boat found downtown on Asbury Ave
  5. Ocean City is home to a state park and wildlife refuge.  Found at the south end of the island, Corson’s Inlet State Park is a beautiful scene of preserved dunes and waves with access to the beach.  The Stainton Wildlife Refuge is 16 acres of protected marsh which houses various bird species and an observation platform.

img_4731Corson’s Inlet beach

Check out these sites for more information on Ocean City, New Jersey.  Ocean City’s official website offers detailed information for both residents and tourists.  If you’re planning a vacation, Ocean City Vacation is also a great resource.


One thought on “5 Ocean City Fun Facts

  1. dennisa6 says:

    Your pictures are great! You really have a talent for capturing beautiful photographs. My family and I visit Ocean City often, but I never knew much about its hidden treasures until reading your posts! Thanks for sharing!


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